Join the protest against Internet censorship in Finland on 2008-03-04!

Due to recent steps taken by Finnish authorities towards weakening Freedom of Speech, a demonstration will be held outside Eduskuntatalo/The House of Parliament in Helsinki.

On Tuesday 2008-03-04 12:30 PM preparations will begin outside Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the protest in scheduled to begin at 1 PM outside the Parliament. The protesters will attempt to bring attention to the blatant misuse of a recently passed, poorly prepared and unconstitutional law encouraging Internet Service Providers to “block ‘child pornography'”, using a horribly inaccurate an unlawfully maintained blacklist of sites prepared and maintained by the National Bureau of Investigation.

Further information about the demonstration can be found at

I’ve previously written entries about issues related to Internet censorship in Finland in English, Finnish and Swedish.

A screenshot of the generic Finnish Internet censorship message

The image above is a screenshot of the generic Finnish Internet censorship message (click to see the image in its full size).

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