Google suspends Finnish Pirate Party related blog

The process of properly establishing the Finnish Pirate Party took a leap forward this weekend.

A blog covering the party’s constitutive meeting in real time has however been suspended by Google/Blogspot. Xuenay, one of the party leaders writes the following on his personal blog:

I just got back from the founding meeting of the Finnish Pirate Party – everything went well: we now have a chairman, a party leadership of seven people (me one of them), and an official party agenda. Around 30-40 people were present, and Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, was also there. Together with one of the other party leaders, Dragu, I liveblogged the event in Finnish, managing to rack up 38 entries and over 400 unique hits during a span of two days.


Today, when I was coming back from the meeting, I found out that Blogger (which is owned by Google) had suspended the blog


Clicking on the “request unlock review” link, I was greeted with a message explaining that the blog had been automatically flagged as a suspected spam blog. I personally find this a bit odd – sure, a lot of the posts were brief and they came within a short period, but the whole thing had a whole of three offsite links (to pictures taken from the meeting). This is probably just a malfunctioning algorithm, but it’s amusing to imagine that this could have been an attempt by The Forces of Copyright to shut us down. :)”

Finnish Pirate Party Logo (gradient)

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