Amarok in Ubuntu 8.04 won’t scrobble

EDIT: This post gets some traffic from Google users who probably are more interested in a later post on fixing a problem causing Ubuntu 8.04’s Amarok not to play any sound.

Enter your username in ALL CAPS to solve the scrobbling problem

After upgrading to Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) I noticed that Amarok (Ubuntu package version, one of my preferred audio players/music libraries, didn’t properly submit tracks to All settings were OK, and Amarok even announced that it submitted the tracks, but nothing appeared on my profile.

Google revealed that this problem can be solved by entering a user name in ALL CAPS in Amarok’s settings window. The same solution can be applied to solve the same no-scrobbling problem as it may appear while using Rhytmbox, another free software audio player.

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