Disable Nautilus pop-up on media insert in Ubuntu 8.04

Although the new Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS release is nice and polished, there are a few glitches in how the bundled GNOME environment allows the user to customize some behavior.

Settings for how the desktop environment should handle removable media are important for me as I loathe the idea of having to deal with any autorun/auto play or popup nonsense every time i attach removable storage devices.
Settings for this have been available under the System -> Preferences -> Removable Drives and Media menu item in earlier versions of Ubuntu/Gnome.

Previously, said window looked approximately like this:

Removable drives and media preferences in earlier Ubuntu versions
(image borrowed from The Sysad Linux Blog)

In Ubuntu 8.04/Hardy Heron’s Gnome 2.22.1, things look different:

\"Removable Drives and Media\" preferences in Ubuntu 8.04.

Note the lack of reference to anything related to actual removable storage media (CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-ray, flash drives, USB hard drives…). Having settings only for scanners, cameras and such under a “removable media” window looks like a mistake in UI design to me… I haven’t checked if this is Ubuntu specific or something relevant to the vanilla Gnome release as well.

I found a way to stop the dreadful autorun/popup flood posted by user noynac in the Ubuntu forums:

“Load Nautilus and enter edit -> preferences -> media

Nautilus file manager, settings for removable media, Ubuntu 8.04

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