Fry your brain with “Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show”

Those willing to risk their mental wellbeing should take a look at Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, a web series of sketches borrowing heavily from those neurotic Japanese TV talk shows from which people keep uploading clips to video sites. I apparently missed the first episodes when they were posted early last year, but the show seems to be back with new releases, adding a more overdoses of Engrish, awkward “guests” and recurring characters dressed up in ill-fitting, fluffy animal costumes.

The official site of the show is not entirely in shape, but adequate episode listings can be found on Mediocre Films’ site and on Youtube.

I’ve done you the (dis?)service of embedding the first episode below (flash video from Youtube).

According to Mediocre Films, the show is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike-license.

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