Breaking News: “A prominent American politician spoke about race as though [Americans] were adults”

Facing pressure over anger of a kind hard which is hard to explain to middle class white people, displayed in public by a priest of the church that he attends, Senator Barrack Obama, a potential Sensible Candidate in the upcoming presidential elections is the USA, commented on issues of Race in a recent speech. As expected, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show made some fitting remarks on the same day’s edition of the show (March 18). A video of the skit is available on (also embedded below) and on Youtube (until those fools at Viacom, the parent company of Comedy Central, demand its removal).

The Daily Show is a satirical news program, which to an outsider with very little first hand knowledge of the USA, appears to be a rare glimpse of reason in the supply of televised news commentary in the country.

Obama didn’t look into the camera in any of the clips of his speech shown on The Daily Show. In my mind, this confirms that he’s a Muslim, a communist and that he Hates America. </irony>

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