Other hosted stuff

Other hos(t)ed stuff – A list of some other stuff I keep running:

  • 42.thrashbarg.net/pub – A place where I might put stuff that should be publicly available. This includes a mirror for KoF, a fan made resource for Frets on Fire, an Open Source clone of Guitar Hero for GNU/Linux/*nix and Micorsfot Windos.
  • Lärkmedia – Media files related to projects and events in my (former) school. In Swedish.
  • Micorsfot Windos. A domain name worth getting sued for! Also the home page of this totally magnificent group on last.fm.
  • 420. A private collection of bizarre humor and other internet culture. May contain strong language. Some experts believe that easily offended persons might experience a sudden urge to start online petitions against me after viewing this.